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Spiced Skewers

Indulge In A Symphony of Tastes

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Catering To Every Occasion 

Proudly Creating And Serving Authentic Indian Cuisine 

Welcome To Spiced!

We are a catering company committed to bringing you rich, delish traditional Indian food that’ll keep you craving for more! Our recipes, high-quality ingredients and preparation techniques come straight from our homeland, passed down through generations. We believe in making every moment unforgettable, and we go above and beyond to elevate your event with a taste of true Indian hospitality.

Bringing The Diverse Flavors of India To Illinois

Our delectable, healthy dishes are inspired by fresh produce, authentic masalas, and the unique, comforting taste of home-style cooking, leaving people wanting more! From the light, creamy murgh makhani of the North, the spicy curries of the South, to the jhols of the West and the aromatic seafood curries of the coastal East, we take your palate on an incredible journey through regional Indian cuisines of all kinds. 

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Spiced Caterers Indian Cuisine
Chicken Biryani

SPICED was the best Indian Catering I have ever  ordered. They catered my daughter's Sweet 16 and the guests couldn't stop admiring  (and eating) the food!


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